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International Day of Kindness
The magic of kindness

Today, 13 of November, is the International Day of Kindness and a perfect opportunity to reflect on what we mean when we talk about being kind. This small but simple word carries significant weight in our lives. And that includes …

Lipstick Leadership

“The most common way women give away their power, is by believing they don’t have any”


A study by the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics showed that women are better at decision making, particularly in difficult situations. Nobody …

International Women's Day
As a woman, have you actually realise your power in society?
On 8th of March, women throughout the world join hands to celebrate International Women’s Day. The day is celebrated each year to empower women as well as to recognize their contributions in various aspects.  As women, it is undeniable that there are times when we feel we are powerless to bring about any form of significant change. There are even times when we feel as though we have to take a backseat in life due to circumstances we think are beyond our control. Still, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Women have persisted and proven themselves time and again that they have this incredible power to overcome their obstacles. With grit and resilience, they soldier on to press for change, to press for progress in order to achieve their goals and dreams.
Choose happiness
Happiness is up to you To talk about happiness can be as subjective as to talk about life itself… Many thinkers throughout history have reflected on the secrets of happiness and how to achieve it. There are as many definitions about happiness as there are people in the world, simply because we all have the right to decide what “makes us happy”. One of the definitions that resonates most with me is “there is no one way that leads to happiness, but happiness is the journey” whom some attribute to Buddha but the source is actually unknown.
When I grow up
When I grow up
I remember when I was a child people used to ask me the typical question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I was always wondering what the right thing to say would be, as most of my friends wanted to be doctors, engineers, architects etc. Inside me, there was a strong voice that wanted to come out and say, “I want to do what I like!” But I thought then that this wouldn’t sound very polite or interesting, so I never said what I felt.
I am grateful_quote
The Super Power of Gratitude
We all go through moments in life when we feel that life isn’t fair and we choose to complain about what we have, or what we don’t have, what we are going through etc. But if we take care to look around, we can soon realise that we have more things to be grateful than to complain.