Balancing the demands of work and home life can be exhausting, leaving individuals feeling overwhelmed and stressed. However, creating a healthy work-life balance is not the sole responsibility of an individual; it requires co-responsibility between partners.

🔈 Recently, I presented a webinar “Co-responsability at home to increase productivity at work” for a major organization in Barcelona to promote equality in the workplace (but true equality starts at home). Co-responsibility It’s the equitable distribution of tasks and responsibilities, including mental load, in order to allocate both partners’ time fairly. It’s the centrepiece in the construction of a more egalitarian and enriching society for every individual.

A recent Forbes article highlighted that women are working more than ever, but still managing most household duties, resulting in underperformance and exhaustion.

Here are some tips that I shared:

✅ As a woman I strongly recommed women to stop with the “Wonder Woman syndrome”. One way to stop this is by recognizing the team you have at home and delegate chores not according to gender, but skills, abilities, or talents.
✅ Put in place systems to efficiently organize domestic activities to maximize productivity.
✅ Let members of the family take full responsibility of their actions and their consecuences.

➡ By embracing mutual responsibility between partners, you’ll be able to achieve true equality at home and in the workplace, because equality starts at home

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