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Entrepreneur PowerUp Leadership PowerUp Sales PowerUp Coaching Presentation PowerUp NLP Certifications Parenting PowerUp Female PowerUp

Simonetta Roma

PowerUp into the person you want to be using your I.C.E®

Individual Centre of Excellence

Gain insight into how your inner resources can help you achieve success by being true to yourself.

Tap into Your Inner Excellence: Discover What Makes You Unique and Irreplaceable!.

Use our training to discover the 5 P’s which include your life purpose, your passions & your powers.

What is my main focus?

I focus on assisting individuals in uncovering the resources that make them unique and unrepeatable, while supporting them on their journey towards excellence in all aspects of life. I accomplish this through the implementation of a self development methodology that I’ve created, drawing inspiration from Asian philosophies such as Ikigai: I.C.E® Individual Centre of Excellence®.

My self development methodology focuses on discovering your 5 P’s: life Purpose, your Passions, your Powers (talents) to carry out a Profession at the service of People (your vocation).

My mission is to help people live a full life using their internal resources that make them unique and unrepeatable.

PowerUp Coaching®️

Simonetta’s coaching programs offer insight on how to give power to your voice, enhance leadership, and achieve personal empowerment.


Discover our academy and all the possibilities it offers to achieve being the person / professional you want to be in business and life.

Speaker Conferences

Elevate your next event with Simonetta’s engaging talks that inspire individuals and teams to unlock their inner potential, driving meaningful change.

Uncover Your Inner resources, your Talents and Awaken the Leader Within!

Practical Guide to Uncovering Your ExcellencE

How do you break free from the hamster wheel and shine?

What’s the secret to a fulfilling life?

How can you uncover the values of your business and your personal life?

My book is the guide to finding your answers.

Professional Speaking for Leadership Events


My speaking engagements are tailored to refine your approach and elevate your presence.

As a Coach, Trainer & Speaker, I specialize in enhancing leadership and communication skills, leveraging cutting-edge techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience, and Neuroplasticity.

I.C.E ®️

What is I.C.E.?

Individual Centre of Excellence is  a personal development methodology that I created inspired by Asian philosophies such as Ikigai, where I help people discover their 5 P’s: life Purpose, their Passions, Powers or Talents, to achieve a Profession at the service of the People.

If you have any questions, or are interested in any of our sessions and events, don’t hesitate to contact us!