Be the person you aim to be in business and life.

PowerUp your business and life skills with expertly curated training

Our PowerUp Academy offers high-impact training sessions so that the participant can obtain practical and immediately applicable tools and strategies to improve their skills for business or life.

The PowerUp Academy delivers powerful training with proven results. We deliver face-to-face (classroom style) or virtually (remotely using video tools). Although we do a lot of dedicated training with businesses or groups globally, watch out for our open events also!

What are the benefits of expert training in business?

If you listen to those that have participated in our training sessions globally, they will tell you many benefits they have seen. See our business testimonials. We capture some of the common ones here:

  • Improves confidence and personal performance. With confident delivery, leadership, and work ethic you get more done and build the respect of those that you engage with.
  • Enhances decision making. Understanding what needs to be done, and how best to tackle the challenge, enables timely decisions and improved outcomes.
  • Helps set direction, goals, and way to get there. Clarity of business and personal vision, combined with a better understanding of how to achieve goals, drives success.
  • Drives enhanced business performance. With people better equipped, the business always benefits, and you see these results in personal rewards.

How do enhanced life skills benefit you?

From parenting to public speaking, we’ve helped a lot of people develop. As people navigating life’s journey, we all benefit from advice and guidance from time to time. 

We learn things that helps us get on and do what we envision. We learn how to better engage with others, including our children and relationships. We learn how to remove obstacles to simplify our life and help us enjoy the journey.

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