I work with people to discover or re-discover individual talents and support the journey towards reaching their true potential. This journey is often transitional and/or transformational; changing career, building a new business, or taking a new life-path. But it can also simply involve smaller adjustments to the current way of being in various aspects of our lives to help us feel more comfortable with who we are and confident in what we do.

My ultimate goal is to help everyone live a fulfilled life using their unique talents. You can read more about me here.

Everyone is different. Whatever the challenge, whatever your goal, I'm here to help. If you want to find out more, explore this website or drop me a line via the contact form.  And take a peek below at what previous clients say. I look forward to hearing from you (note that I operate in English and/or Spanish!

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I have worked with some amazing people. Here's one (video is in Spanish)!

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Hong Kong
Simonetta is a “to go person” when it comes to listening to people’s issues and helping them direct to the core of the problem.
Heena Khemlani
Hong Kong, China

Your passion to help others achieve their goals and act with confidence opened doors for me. I am empowered by my success, innovation, and incredible abilities  🙂

Jennifer Elliott
Brisbane, Australia
Cancun Beach

You helped me tremendously by coaching me, showing me how to choose one or two achievable goals and set a route to get to where I wanted to be.

Tiziana R. Barrera
Cancun, México

I certainly would recommend Simonetta as a coach. Her input, knowledge, guidance and genuine interest to contribute to my wellbeing is remarkable.

Marie Thorpe
London, UK
Kuala Lumpur

Simonetta was good in that she made me do all the thinking and finding practical solutions to solve my problems and to set goals to achieve. It was also fun and casual.

Lissa Yeoh
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Conocer a Simonetta Roma ha sido una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida me ha enseñado como puedo conseguir mis objetivos y este ejercicio me ha abierto notablemente la visión para alcanzar profesionalismo.

Janet Cordoba
Bogota, Colombia
Tiziana Alvarez

Las sesiones de coaching con Simonetta me ayudaron a tomar acción y verdaderamente hacer lo que quiero. Aprendí a administrar mi tiempo y eso es clave para poder llevar una vida ordenada y poder hacer las cosas bien.

Tiziana Alvarez
Cancun, México
Gill_BIO pic

Simonetta provided lots of practical advice, great support and incredible resources that I never knew about. I’m excited to put everything into practice and watch my business grow! I highly recommend working with Simonetta if you’re feeling stuck with how you can start bringing in more revenue into your business and what direction to take it.

Gillian Kennedy
Director, WellnessGypsy

“Uno de los grandes beneficios que obtuve fue que tuve la oportunidad de trabajar en mis creencias y darme cuenta de que estas eran gran parte de mi problema. Las sesiones de coaching también me ayudaron a conocerme y seguir adelante a pesar de las dificultades que se encuentran en el camino de emprendimiento”.

Liliana Cruz Morales
Director, Amaranto Bakery
Mateo Melichar

When I started I had some idea where I wanted to go, but by following a blueprint to tackle my beliefs and emotions, and having a plan to get to my goals, it really raised my game. If you are looking for a coach that has your back, understands psychology and is super friendly, don’t look any further.

Mateo Melichar
Fitness Coach & Trainer, Fit-budd

Simonetta helped me find back my roots/core through the coaching sessions, they have been nourished a lot over the past few weeks while on my expedition in Antartica. Now it’s up to me to make sure they continue to grow and flourish.

Stephanie Langerock
Senior International Relations Officer, IWC
Foto Rosa SQ

Sin duda sin su ayuda y la guía, los consejos y las correcciones no lo hubiese logrado. Si me preguntan la recomiendas: el sí es rotundo, estarán en las mejores manos con ella…

Rosa Valerio
Emprendedora, Costa Rica
Víctor Manuel SQ

Me ayudo a ver mis talentos escondidos, me apoyo a dar el primer paso a empezar mi empresa. Logre encontrar mi propósito de vida.

Victor M. Acelas
Conferencista Internacional, Emprendedor, Asesorías Empresariales
Foto Adalgisa

Dentro de los beneficios y cambios que he visto en mi vida a partir de las sesiones de coaching con Simonetta están el haber superado mis inseguridades y el temor al cambio.

Adalgisa Peralta
Director de ventas, Pharmatech
Rafael Aguero foto

Puedo decir que a partir de estas sesiones me siento más confiado y seguro de promover viejos y nuevos servicios.

Rafael Agüero
Director, Kpta Estrategia Educativa
Imanol Guerra_ image

Por parte de Simonetta recibí un apoyo continuo, una guía constante y asertiva. Mis expectativas no solo fueron alcanzadas sino superadas!



Imanol Guerra
Director, Sales ARMY
Kuala Lumpur

Simonetta’s coaching approach is very professional and methodical, combined good listening skills and right questions that led me to valuable insights.

Zheyna Bell
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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