Increasing productivity with atomic habits

Have you ever encountered the frustrating cycle of trying to break a habit, only to find yourself in its grip once again? I certainly have. 😩

James Clear in his book #atomichabits shares a powerful guide for creating effective habits and sticking to them for the long haul. Through his deep dive into the science and art of habit-forming, Clear provides a wealth of practical advice for crafting new behavior patterns. He emphasizes the importance of:

🔎 Identifying who you want to be in the long run, and using that vision to develop an identity that consistently follows the habits you have chosen.

☑️With this powerful concept in mind, Clear encourages readers to cultivate an environment that supports building structures and systems to facilitate new behaviors.

🏅In doing so, he emphasizes the significance of rewarding even small successes along the way and being mindful of how each minor shift can lead to major positive change.

If you have been trying to change a habit for long time, I highly recommend this book to help you implement #newhabits in your life starting this summer! 🍹🏝️