🎤 Good communication skills are an imperative in today’s world. Helping our kids at an early age to better express themselves in front of an audience will give them a great competitive advantage in life.

😀 I am very excited to collaborate with 4Voices as a Public Speaking Coach and help teens to deliver their message and make their voices heard.

4Voices is back with our second annual public speaking competition for teens in Barcelona on 25 March 2023 at the CaixaForum.
The theme this year is ‘Cultivating Courage’ and once again the 12 finalists will have both group and one-to-one coaching from leaders in the public speaking arena.

Deadline for submissions os 16th December.

The competition is open to 4th ESO and 1st BXT. If you are a teacher and think pupils at your school may be interested or you are a parent of a teenager with something to say, follow the link below for more info:

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