One of the most vivid and fond memories I have of my 12 years living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is the celebration of Chinese New Year with the the dragon dance. This is an ancient chinese tradition that has captivated the audience around the world. A breathtaking performance of grace, coordination and strength, watching it instantly transports viewers to a different realm. But what many people don’t realize is the level of teamwork and discipline required to make these performances come alive.

Behind every stunning display of beauty there lies a strong sense of trust between the dancers – trust that all members will perform their role to perfection and move together in unison. The core of this practice lies in martial arts-inspired training, which emphasizes precise physical coordination while also instilling a sense of discipline within each individual dancer. Working as part of a team requires the ability to adapt quickly to changes and anticipate the next moves of other performers. It demands quick thinking, strategic planning and clear communication among everyone involved.

This traditional art form is not just confined to the stage. By applying these same principles on a larger scale, we can learn valuable lessons about leadership, collaboration and working together as a high performing group. These skills can be applied in many contexts, including workplaces, classrooms and even our own lives. Whether it’s delivering a powerful presentation or taking on a difficult project, anyone with a passion for teamwork can lead a successful endeavor.

In short, the art of the dragon dance teaches us to think beyond ourselves and understand the value of collective action. As we bring the magic of this ancient tradition into the modern era, remember to use its lessons in building stronger teams everywhere.

I take this opportunity to wish all my friends and contacts that are celebrating the year of the rabbit 🐇 Gong xi fa cai

Here is a link to a short video:

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