At times in life we can reach a point where we feel uncomfortable with what we are doing, where we are heading. We may not be satisfied with the results we’re getting, or we simply need to make decisions that will have a substantial impact on our lives. Life coaching helps you move from where you are, to where you want to be. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You have all the answers and resources within you, but sometimes we block those answers or don’t know how to access those resources. Sometimes we seek answers in the wrong places and go around circles making us feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

If you feel that due to the currente situation you’re at one of those points in your life a Life Coach will help you unlock the answers and will bring out your best resources to help you reach your true potential and clarify the path forward,  despite  of  the  circumstances.

As a professional Life Coach, I will help you see your life from a different perspective and provide the tools and process to lead you to the answers you are looking for. Utilizing simple yet powerful techniques we will work together to obtain clarity and direction in your life.

Do I need a coach?

People often question if they need a coach to help them through. Simply put, if you could do it yourself, you’d probably have done it. In the same way that athletes have somebody to guide and drive them, we also need that kind of professional support in our lives to help us make the most of whom we are. To deal with uncertainties. To address obstacles. To drive to bigger goals. To be who you want to be. Change the big things, or change the small. Or simply be more at ease with who and where you are.

Does Coaching work?

I know that coaching works because like many I arrived at a point where I didn’t know how to make the right changes or take the best decisions. Fear was holding me back and I stagnated not knowing where or how to move. Thanks to the support, patience and professionalism of a Life Coach, I found my own answers and my resources to drive the clarity and direction I needed. Continuing on my own personal journey led me to discover my passion in helping others improve their lives.

It’s now my purpose, my mandate, to help others achieve what I have managed to do. To discover their Individual Centre of Excellence® (I.C.E®), which is that sweet spot where are all the essential elements that make you the unique person that you, to live your purpose and build a life-and-work-blend to not only earn a good living but to really appreciate what we have and what we do. I have come to discover that this is a must. A must for everyone to grow and enjoy life and work. And a must for me to satisfy my true calling.

By asking for help I will show vulnerability?

I often hear people say, “I don’t need help”. Here are the reasons why I disagree…

First, the people that deny the need for help are frequently, deep inside, desperate for it; they are simply afraid of recognizing the need, of appearing vulnerable.

Second, asking for help is not a sign a vulnerability but a sign of strength, self-awareness and intelligent action to find a way forward. Vulnerability presents a chance to open ourselves to better opportunities.

Third, a Coach will not give you the answers; this is a personal path towards your desired outcome. A Life Coach will support and steer the journey to help you identify your own tools and resources; a gentle process of self-discovery to get the best of you and achieve your goals. At the end of the journey, you know yourself better and are more confident in your path forward.

If you still don’t know whether coaching is the right choice to invest your time and money, why don’t we have an initial chat and discuss your next move?

I can only talk from experience, I have been both coachee and a coach, that Life Coaching really does work. Let’s talk…email me at  I will be happy to hear from you.

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