Choose happiness

Happiness is up to you

To talk about happiness can be as subjective as to talk about life itself… Many thinkers throughout history have reflected on the secrets of happiness and how to achieve it.

There are as many definitions about happiness as there are people in the world, simply because we all have the right to decide what “makes us happy”.

One of the definitions that resonates most with me is “there is no one way that leads to happiness, but happiness is the journey” whom some attribute to Buddha but the source is actually unknown.

We often refer to happiness as an emotion or feeling, but for me it is more of a state of mind. And as with anything on our mind happiness can be adjusted to “whatever-we-want-to-feel”.

Think about it, if for example, you are constantly dwelling on the pain somebody caused you, your happiness will not only decrease, but your anger, resentment, and bitterness will be fed to the point that will make you explode! On the contrary, if you think of how good that person made you feel at one point, and be grateful for the time he/she spent in your life, your heart will be filled with gratitude and will enhance your level of happiness.  Always remember that the same mind that puts you in a state of anger or sadness is the mind that is able to put you in a constant state of happiness. It all depends what you choose.

After all, happiness is also a choice.