On 8th of March, women throughout the world join hands to celebrate International Women’s Day. The day is celebrated each year to empower women as well as to recognize their contributions in various aspects. 

As women, it is undeniable that there are times when we feel we are powerless to bring about any form of significant change. There are even times when we feel as though we have to take a backseat in life due to circumstances we think are beyond our control.

Still, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Women have persisted and proven themselves time and again that they have this incredible power to overcome their obstacles. With grit and resilience, they soldier on to press for change, to press for progress in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

Building upon the theme “#PressforProgress,” here are a few points that will inspire you to move in the right direction to empower yourself and the women around you.

We have enormous influence in society,  more than we actually realise

Although we have been conditioned into thinking that we are powerless in certain aspects and we are associated with certain stereotypes, times are definitely looking for the better. We have certainly come a long way in helping each other to fight for ourselves and our dreams. We have come to believe we are indeed capable of being whoever


we want and doing whatever we want.

One example of a powerful woman who has proved she is successful in her own right is Oprah Winfrey. Despite her difficult childhood, she never gave up and let the hardships come in the way of her ambitions. The story of her unfathomable courage shows our perception of life can either make or break us and we ought to choose the path of never giving up and to keep on believing in ourselves.

We contribute to the world making it a better place

Ever heard of this phrase, ‘The hand that rocks the cradle, rocks the world”? The phrase celebrates motherhood and the degree of influence a mother has towards her children and by extension, to the world.

To be a mother is an incredible blessing and mothers certainly have a great impact on our society. From our child’s birth until the very end of our lives, we strive to raise our children with good and strong values. Our teachings and nurturing, prepare our children to be the torchbearers of the society and make the world a better place for all. One way to contribute as mother to make this world a better place is by teaching our children to respect and love each other. As a mother of an amazing girl and amazing boy, I teach them both that we are equal just for the simple fact that we are both human being and are in this world together to complement each other and not to create a war between sexes. 

On this same note, I recognise that being a mother is not the ultimate goal for all women and If this is your decision, you also need to acknowledge the enourmous power within you, your level of influence and your contribution to the world.  You are indeed capable of bringing positive changes to the world.

We are good enough

For some of us, it is easier to seek attention from others or have the belief that we are never going to be good enough. The reality is, we are far better than who and what we think we are. And we are certainly better than who and what others may think about us.

Each of us are unique in our own way and this uniqueness drives us to act according to the best of our abilities and intentions. This is something to be embraced rather than feared. We just need to be more supportive of each other, recognize each other’s effort and believe we have what it takes to make things happen. Continue to do what is real, what is needed and what is important. Most importantly, acknowledge you are good enough, you really are.

Are all of you inspired? Take on any of these initiatives for the International Women’s Day:

  • Strive to make a positive and significant difference for yourself and all the women out there.
  • Share and celebrate International Women’s Day with your family, friends and community.
  • Make a pledge at the International Women’s Day website to show your support to women to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Join any of the International Women’s Day events held worldwide by corporations, charities, educational institutions, government bodies, the media and more. Host your own event and list it on the website if you are unable to find one at your vicinity.

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