Simonetta is a “to go person” when it comes to listening to people’s issues and helping them direct to the core of the problem. I was so confused about how to achieve my goal but when Simonetta not only helped me identify that I am focusing on the wrong goal but she aided me to find the right direction and told me how to focus on the core problem (which I could not see) before I could achieve my career goal.   I am now working on the core problem and I feel a lot happier working towards my ultimate goal. Thank you, Simonetta for helping me identifying the root of my issue.

Heena Khemlani (Hong Kong)

Simonetta’s coaching approach is very professional and methodical, combined good listening skills and the right questions that led me to valuable insights. The process was rewarding and I gained some new ideas how to approach certain issues in my life. Thank you very much Simonetta.

Zheyna Bell (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Thank you Simonetta! I learned a lot from your coaching sessions. Your passion to help others achieve their goals and act with confidence opened doors for me. I am empowered by my success, innovation, and incredible abilities 🙂

Jennifer Elliott (Brisbane, Australia)

Ever since I started my coaching sessions with you I have been more conscious about my time and the way I used to get burned out for taking more than what I could handle is no longer part of my life. You helped me tremendously by coaching me, showing me how to choose one or two achievable goals and set a route to get to where I wanted to be. If I was to resume my whole experience with you in one or two words, it would be: Clarity and Possibility.

Tiziana R. Barrera (Cancun, Mexico)

I certainly would recommend Simonetta as a coach. Without being personal Simonetta helps the coachee discover for themselves ways to achieve their goals. Her input, knowledge, guidance and genuine interest to contribute to my wellbeing is remarkable. Also in her follow up sessions, which are very important. Well done Simonetta - Big Thank You for being part of my journey towards getting what I want.

Marie Thorpe (London, UK)

If you are feeling unmotivated and burned out, I highly recommend working with a life coach. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with things we have to do and end up not doing anything at all.

Simonetta was good in that she made me do all the thinking and finding practical solutions to solve my problems and to set goals to achieve. It was also fun and casual.

Lisa Low (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


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