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The work we do has a huge impact in all aspects of our life. Not only does it allow us to pay the bills and to have decent living standards, but it provides us with a status, comfort and a feeling that we are part of something bigger. A sense of belonging. 

Our work and other interests provide the opportunity to apply our skills, knowledge and talents and give us satisfaction that we have accomplished things in life. Unfortunately, a high level of satisfaction with our working life is not always reached. People all over the world are facing huge frustrations as they view their job only as a means to pay the bills. Before we know it, life has passed us by without us reaching our true potential.


Life-change with Talent PowerUpTM

I believe that every individual has been gifted in a unique way. Our talents and natural abilities can make us stand out from the crowd. Once recognised, they can make us feel more confident in what we do. And when applied, we get a great sense of satisfaction and make a positive contribution to society.

Learning from the journey that I have been on, and working extensively with others to help them on their way, I have developed TalentPowerUp™ to provide a structured and uniquely tailored approach to help you achieve your true purpose.

Through a fascinating process of self-discovery, Talent PowerUp™ will help you:

  • Uncover your unique talents, finding out exactly what are you good at
  • Understand and define your purpose and mission in life
  • Frame how you can make a great living out of your unique talents, or enhance your chosen work by using your talents better
  • Enrich your life and work bringing increased satisfaction, confidence and respect of others.

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If you have already established your talents and purpose, and want to put these into practice, you may like TransitionBase™ to create good habits, plan in detail and execute with energy.

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Our first step is to find out who you are and what you can really do. We undertake a structured discovery to help you find you, defining what you like and what you're good at.


Knowing your true talents helps you focus on applying these to do the things that make you happy. Setting specific goals in life and work will help you get and stay in control.


With an understanding of your passion, your talent and your direction, we can then work on a plan to get you there. This is where TransitionBase comes in; taking you on the journey to the real you.