Sales presentation skills workshop

Virtual (Online) Training Event

Learn how to connect with your audience to achieve your networking and sales goals.

Face-to-face presentation skills are a must. But today’s digital world demands changes to these in-person skills. Getting comfortable with this hybrid skillset is imperative. 

Sales Presentation Skills Now As A Virtual Training Course!

With our success delivering this training in the real-world, the word has spread! By popular demand, we are now offering Presentation PowerUp sales presentation skills training as a virtual live event available globally.

Special Format

Listening to previous and potential attendees, this virtual training is split over three consecutive weeks in 2.5 hour blocks. We are trying to cater for people with busy schedules who cannot accommodate a whole-day training in person. And to make this essential learning available to all!

The new format also gives delegates a great opportunity to consider and work on concepts between sessions. Accordingly, unlike many virtual events, places are strictly limited to allow for proper interaction in our delivery sessions. Book early to avoid disappointment and take advantage of discounts!


Myself and my sales team attended the Presentation PowerUp workshop presented by Simonetta Roma.

The event was very well structured and professionally delivered. Content is extremely useful and really helps the team prepare themselves and deliver presentations in a way that is far more engaging than previously. Feedback from the team has been equally positive and I have no hesitation in recommending this event from AssuringBusiness and Simonetta Roma. We will be working with them again!

Erdal Köklu
CEO, Innovile Technologies

Why are presentation skills so important?

Communication is the basis of all human interaction. Do it well, you succeed. Poor engagement creates perceptions that can be hard to change when networking. And in a sales scenario, this often means no deal.

Face-to-face presentation skills are a must. But today’s digital world demands changes to these in-person skills. Getting comfortable with this hybrid skillset is imperative.

What are the key points to consider when improving sales presentation skills?

In the majority of cases you are selling you first. Being personable and authentic lays the foundation of trust and respect.

Knowledge and understanding builds on that foundation. Listening and applying what you hear. Building personal and brand authority. You understand the challenges and opportunities. You can help.

Solutions are last on the list. It’s a common mistake to try and sell the product or service straight-off. On rare occasions, you get lucky. But most people do not respond well to this approach.

How will this workshop help?

We equip you with the skills needed to position you, your knowledge, and your solution well. The workshop has three modules covering the key skills for our hybrid world. See the modules here.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone that wants to sell more or improve their public speaking capability. Self-employed and small business owners. Sales professionals and team managers.

 Download PDF brochure here. See my testimonials here.

Book Now! Limited places...

€139 Earlybird rate €89/person
3+ places for additional 10% discount

Standard workshop rate €139/person. All prices +VAT. Events are available in English and Spanish – please select the event that matches your language and timing preference.

español virtual

9, 16, 23 Nov 2022
(Spain time)

English virtual

22, 29 Nov & 6 Dec 2022
(Spain time)

English & Spanish

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Presentation PowerUp Modules

Manage Emotions

Understand how your brain works when public speaking. Deal with anxiety to create professional perceptions. Express confidence.

Organising and Preparing

Learn how to build a compelling presentation structure. Understand and adjust to your target audience.

Being Memorable

Develop techniques to ensure your message is memorable. Build authority and trust to improve sales conversion.

Your event leader: Simonetta Roma

Simonetta Roma

Simonetta is passionate in helping businesses and individuals transform. Finding uniqueness. Discovering their Individual Centre of Excellence® (ICE®). Applying their unique resources to achieve stretching goals. Equipping leaders to drive change and bring teams with them.

Trained as a tax lawyer and litigator in Mexico, Simonetta evolved with hands-on experience in eCommerce and business commercial operations. Accredited skills in Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy and Neuro Leadership. Author of Manual práctico para descubrir tu excelencia y su potencial, a highly commended specialist resource helping people find and apply that which makes them unique. [English version coming soon]

With 25 years’ global experience, Simonetta continues to support businesses and professionals on their journey. Fluent in Spanish and English, her talents combine to deliver clear, tangible results.

More Information?

 Download PDF brochure here. See the modules here. See my testimonials here.

If you need more information, please complete the contact form or you can WhatsApp Simonetta directly on +34 632 286 546 to discuss (English and Spanish spoken).

Don’t wait too long…places are strictly limited.

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