Group Coaching

Coaching is a results-orientated development process that aims to improve performance.  

Group Coaching has the benefit of individualized coaching while participating in a group and obtaining valuable support from peers that share similar goals, experiences and challenges. Groups consist of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who are focused on growing their business and/or careers.

What are the benefits of Group Coaching?

  • Actively develop your business
  • Receive expert individualized coaching advice
  • Work in tune with like-minded people that share similar experiences, goals and challenges
  • Work in small groups to receive full attention from the coach
  • Make long term, valuable business connections
  • Shorten your learning curve and reach your goals faster.

Group Coaching focuses on the development of business skills for those intent on driving their business or careers forward at pace. Whatever stage you are at in your project or business, Group Coaching can help; developing a scalable structure and approach, accelerating growth, improving efficiency and making the business less dependent on you.

Group Coaching Content:

The sessions are uniquely designed to align with the participants’ interests and needs. For example, the following represents some of the focus areas from previous group programs:

Strategy: Where to start, value proposition, target market, new markets, business canvas model, vision and mission.

Marketing: Segmentation, targeting, outreach and engagement, tools and automation.

Sales: Strategies to increase your sales, reach new customers, retain loyal customers, online sales.

Network: Build your network, gaining more from networking events, developing a learning network.

Organization: Structure and functions, contractors and third-party resources, maintaining performance alignment, managing growth and change.

Personnel: Selecting talent for growth, personal development, career planning, performance management, reward and recognition.

Scale your business: Set for growth, delegation, measurement,  prioritization, time management.

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The TransitionBase Group Coaching Journey


Every participant completes a short diagnostic to help us identify key focus areas, stage of business development and other factors that help to identify or form the group that will best match your needs. We then analyse the information to form or insert with the best-fit Group.


Once assigned your best-match Group you will initiate and/or absorb the Group Charter detailing how you will work together for the next 3 months; commitment, respect and integrity. The Charter sets Group direction and working relationship, enabling true team bonding and real performance. You will also be assigned an Honour Partner with whom you will be jointly responsible for supporting each others’ progress.


With my support as a qualified coach, along with that of your peers, and your Honour Partner, reaching your goals is almost certain. But maintaining the height and direction of your journey needs constant attention. On this journey we will also learn how to maintain success, and adapt to the future, dealing with obstacles and trying make them work for you!