Are you living in another's shadow?

Your husband or partner gets a great job opportunity abroad. For the sake of the relationship and/or family, you follow. You put your career and aspirations on hold.  Being abroad, you may also raise your children without the support of your family. Maybe the local rules or customs prevent you from working. And of course, there is often a language barrier for everyday living to flow as it once did. It starts as a challenge to rise to. But gradually your enthusiasm drops…

You’ve lost your independence. Your identity. Frustration, even anger is normal. Over time, these feelings can build until something snaps. Best not let that happen – the destructive impact on your loved ones and your own wellbeing can be hard to recover.

I’ve been there. That’s why I’m on this journey; to help others with similar challenges. Together, we can find a new way. You can follow your own dreams too!

What changes would you see?

First and foremost we will find clarity in what you want and need. You will build confidence and self-esteem. You will find the path to your own passions, whilst balancing life, love, family and friends. You will prepare and act on the career/business path that you choose; one that you enjoy immensely; one that puts you in control. You will follow your dreams, achieve your goals. You will be recognized, valued, and loved.

No longer lost. No longer living in another’s shadow. This is all possible…

How do I help?

I work with you to uncover your true talents, re-identify who you are and guide your path to your passion. A new career, re-entry to a previous career, or starting your own business. Or maybe a voluntary or other good cause. Whatever your passion, we will define it. I will help build confidence in achieving the goals you set out. And I will help you take action to be successful. With this momentum, anything is possible.

Why Me?

I’ve been there. It’s surprising how many have. I have worked with many others to change their thinking and free them from the virtual shadows they live in.  Assuming there is still love for partner and family, doing this in a non-destructive way is all-important. I will steer your path using my personal experiences, lessons learnt from others I have coached, and my extensive NLP and coaching skills.

Why me? Mostly because I know things can change. You can follow your passion. I did it, so can you. Let me help…

I want to live my own dreams!

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