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Change your world - harness your Individual Centre of Excellence®

At last, a practical working manual to take you through the process of discovering and harnessing your excellence.

Everyone is different. That’s what makes this world so amazing. So we should not consider our strengths and weaknesses to be the same as others or mimic what they do to improve. Doing things your way, using your strengths, is what makes the biggest difference.

Use this practical 190 page guide and set of exercises to determine your Individual Centre of Excellence® (ICE) and how to make the best of this – of you – in your personal and working life. Every chapter takes you step-by-step to a full understanding of your excellence, of your ability to harness your strengths and make your world a better place. 

Becoming a ‘better you’ is more straightforward than you think with this insightful in-depth guide from Simonetta Roma, a leading NLP practitioner and Coach.

Be more. Do more.

Find your Individual Centre of Excellence®.

About the Book


A practical manual to discover your excellence and its potential is a thoughtful and dynamic book in which, through entertaining exercises and deep reflection questions, the reader makes discoveries that can change their life.

This manual introduces the concept ICE, Individual Center of Excellence®. This concept is based on the fact that each person can achieve success from their unique strengths and that, once they discover these essential elements – life purpose, passions, interests and talents – they can flow naturally and feel comfortable in their individuality improving personal and working life. In fact, finding ones true vocation can lead to changing direction and/or profession with greater income and satisfaction.

This manual takes the reader on their unique journey to success. One that only they can achieve with their new found knowledge of their ICE.

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A motivating self-coaching manual that summarizes and explains properly the techniques, strategies and tools that NLP provides for coaching

Eulalia Robert, director of PNL Barcelona

Self-knowledge and personal transformation require a lot of effort, motivation and sacrifice.  How good is to have the support of a good guide to help you achieve your goals and dreams and have that sense of fulfilment. Without a doubt, this book becomes a true practical manual in the journey of self-knowledge and personal transformation

Juan Ángel Narváez, senator International Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Simonetta, through this book Find your excellence and its potential, has managed to compile the keys that I personally consider to be the basis of growth and that everyone needs to discover, understand and put into practice to achieve their personal and professional goals

Susana Jiménez, founder Aprofitalents

In this book, Simonetta, following a very-structured- sequence combines NLP tools with the search for meaning and offers a valuable contribution to anyone who wants practical resources to access states of excellence and develop their full potential

Robert Long, Master Trainer NLP Certified by AEPNL

An extraordinary work on NLP, personal and professional development that combines three elements that are difficult to find in this type of work: theoretical explanations that make the difficult concepts easy, practical and real examples, and a comprehensive guide, with very useful exercises that will help you achieve the goal of this great book: find your excellence and its potential step by step. 100% recommendable!

Jordi Mármol, Programe Director of Coaching Comercial certification, CIE de Barcelona

About The Author

Simonetta Roma Barrera

From an Italian father and a Mexican mother, at a very young age Simonetta felt a great passion for self-leadership, human behavior and constant learning.

She has a Law Degree from the Universidad del Mayab Anáhuac, in Mexico. In 2002 she obtained a master’s degree in eCommerce Management & Organizational Behavior from Birkbeck, University of London, where she lived for six years. Whilst living twelve years in Malaysia, she felt the urge to reinvent herself professionally. This is how she discovered neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and become certified as a Master NLP Coach, NLP Trainer and Commercial Coach.

Simonetta is convinced that all people can achieve success in life, and in whatever work they set out to do, if they make use of everything that makes them unique. Thus came the concept Individual Center of Excellence® (ICE) that is proving to be a great structure for people that want to harness their own inherent powers.

Simonetta finds her true calling in sharing her knowledge and by supporting people to discover the essence of their individuality, so that they can develop and achieve their excellence.

Simonetta Roma

Be more. Do more.

Find your Individual Centre of Excellence®.