When I grow up

I remember when I was a child people used to ask me the typical question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I was always wondering what the right thing to say would be, as most of my friends wanted to be doctors, engineers, architects etc. Inside me, there was a strong voice that wanted to come out and say, “I want to do what I like!” But I thought then that this wouldn’t sound very polite or interesting, so I never said what I felt.

The reality is, even as a youngster, that I wanted to do what I like, what I enjoy doing, and find a way to earn a living from that. And what I really, really liked at that time (and still do today), is to help people. I also love cooking but my strong sense of justice and the search for truth ultimately pushed me to study law. Becoming a lawyer was not only a great achievement in my life but it gave me the amazing reward of being able to help people to fight for their rights. Particularly in the area in which I specialized, tax litigation, where fighting against the Inland Revenue made me feel like Robin Hood!

Simonetta Roma aged 10Back to my youth and that question, there was one time when I heard a grown-up saying; “Be whatever you want, but be the best at it”. This phrase lingered in my head for many years, and although it makes total sense (for me), I also questioned: “how can we be the best at something if we often don’t know what we really want?”

Clarity is frequently one of the missing pieces in the puzzle of life, especially as we are growing up. Whilst we may know better that which we don’t want, knowing what we actually do want can be challenging considering there are so many options in life.

The best way to discover what we want to do in life, and what we are good at and enjoy doing, is to dig into our own greatness by discovering and strengthening our unique talents.

We all have innate talents that we can (should…MUST) develop in this life. If we make proper use of our talents, we can do what we really enjoy. And if we are passionate about it, most likely we’ll excel at it. Being the #1. When we take this route, we soon realize that our talents are in demand; that there is a market where we can develop and use our passion and uniqueness, and make money doing what we love!

Simonetta Roma todayYes, we all have bills to pay and various financial commitments. At the same time, most of us want to live a comfortable and fulfilled life. Wouldn’t it be great to do something we are really good at, enjoy it and make money? This might sound too good to be true, but this is something thousands of people have already achieved, so if they can do it, you (we) can do it!

I believe that we come into this world equipped with the right tools to make a difference and to live a fantastically rewarding life. However, circumstances may take us on a journey that we really don’t enjoy so much, or where we may not thrive, and before we know it, a huge part of our life has gone by and we didn’t accomplish our hopes or dreams. We do not feel satisfied; complete; valued; useful!

Often we don’t achieve our aspirations, as we don’t know how to go about it, or simply our belief-system limits us from achieving our goals.

If you relate to any of this then you are in the right place! Our coaching and training will help you to change your belief system and establish perfect clarity in what you want. We will help you understand which direction you want to take and equip you with the right tools and techniques to achieve and live the life you know you want and deserve.

Join our growing team of achievers who have taken the step to change how they live their lives, how they give and get rewarded for doing what they love the most.

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