Where did it all start?

I’m a Mexican-Italian brought up in Cancun, Mexico. Most of my growing up was done in a kitchen/restaurant as my parents owned the first restaurant in Cancun and operated it for 26 years. Despite the hard work I witnessed in running a great restaurant, I developed a passion for food and cooking. This later matured to taking a Catering Management Diploma and was to be followed by chef training in a top college in the USA. Unfortunately, at this time (one hurricane too many), I could not afford to go to this particular US college so elected instead to follow my other passion and study in Mexico. That passion is my sense of justice and freedom that drove me to qualify as Lawyer in Mexico.I am a Life Coach. I will help you see your life from a different perspective, and provide the tools and the process to lead you to the answers you are looking for. Taking thought and feeling to understanding and on to positive action and results.

An odd combination maybe, cooking and law, but I knew to follow my passion was a good thing even back then. And I was successful! The law firm I co-founded and acted as Partner for 5 years taught me a lot… not only in my specialism – tax litigation – but also about people. I would have to really understand my clients’ needs and work with them to find the best solution. A solution that was as unique as the client.

Shopping Around

My career and studies continued the quest for discovery of me, who I really was, what I really wanted and, importantly, what talents I had to use in life and in work. That journey took me to various countries and shorter-term working experiences and eventually to the UK to study and obtain my MSc in e-Commerce Management & Organisational Behaviour. Funding my MSc by taking a role as a Producer for a conference and event company, this also exposed me to new things, new lessons in life and work to develop and apply my talents further. It also introduced me to my husband and another chapter of my life…in Malaysia!

Welcome to Malaysia!

We spent 11 happy years in Malaysia, a time that changed my (our) life forever having two wonderful children and learning many, many lessons in so many aspects of life and different cultures. It was in this period that I was introduced to Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) via a very good friend who just happened to be an NLP Master Coach and Trainer! By dipping my toe in the NLP water I really found my niche, a way to put shape to what was undoubtedly my greatest talent: helping people to live a better, more rewarding life.

Let’s talk!

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Coaching Rocks!

My progression to NLP Master Practitioner and Coach (including Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy) gave me some advanced tools and a framework to nourish my innate empathy, listening and communications talents. And it really works! I love it.

NLP has helped me better understand how our minds work and how to use a tried and tested approach to engaging with people at a level that was simply not possible before. It has taken my innate people-talents and developed them to a whole new level. And that’s how my coaching & training business was born.

My Purpose, My Passion

I am now living my passion! Every day I am helping people nurture their nature and nourish their talents. And every day I also evolve, learning a little from every engagement that I have. Supporting people in their personal development, or those undergoing career or life changes, or composing and developing great corporate teams, all feature as projects. The people and the feedback really make me wake every day with a genuine zest to engage, to work, to enjoy.

It’s now my purpose, my mandate, to help others achieve what I have managed to do. To discover their talents, build these into strengths, to live their purpose and build a life-and-work-mix to not only earn a good living but to really appreciate what we have and what we do. I have come to discover that this is a must. A must for everyone to grow and enjoy life and work. And a must for me to satisfy my true calling.

Let your passions drive you!

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