Entrepreneur 2.0

To be successful in business many believe we must be tough, aggressive, and competitive. And if we use the strategies and techniques of a Guru or expert, we will be just as successful. This approach does not always work and often causes frustration and discontent leading to a lack of motivation.

Now it’s time to trust in your own talents…

2 Days, 4 Modules, Infinite Power!

A specially crafted, intensive 2-day event enabling your path to Entrepreneur 2.0.

Whether an entrepreneur or CXO of a major enterprise, long term success is achieved not by aggression, or by trying to act in a way that is unnatural to you, but by harnessing your unique talents and resonating with your workforce, suppliers, partners and customers.

When you hit this sweet-spot, great things happen! Respect. Motivation. Commitment. Growth. Success!

Entrepreneur PowerUp considers your unique talents, defining your sweet-spot – your own center of excellence – and provides you with the enhanced knowledge and tools to become a better version of yourself – entrepreneur 2.0. This structured and engaging event will harness your innate talents to drive lasting success.

How does Entrepreneur PowerUp enable you?

  • Uncover, activate and manage your talents better, applying them to plan and grow your business
  • Break the beliefs and roadblocks that limit you in achieving your potential
  • Optimize and leverage your negotiation skills
  • Increase your sales conversion rate by up to 8 times
  • Increase stakeholder, team and self-motivation
  • Improve your leadership style, driving engagement and performance
  • Achieve your goals, recognize success!

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21 & 22 Mar 2020


6 & 7 Jun 2020

English & Spanish

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Entrepreneur PowerUp Modules

Knowing Yourself

In this competitive world, product and service excellence will usually help you become more successful. This level of excellence is optimized if it comes from your own sweet-spot; your purpose, your innate talents, your passions, emotions and motivation. Identifying these elements will increase your self-awareness and your self-esteem. Importantly, knowing yourself will give you the foundations for your business success.

Building Relationships

Many entrepreneurs believe that the key to success is hard work and long hours. However, very successful entrepreneurs attribute much of their success to their relationships and alliances; “Nobody is an island”. In one way or another we all need people around us to succeed; our team, suppliers, partners, and of course, our customers. Not to mention family, friends and loved-ones who support us in many important ways. Surrounding ourselves with the people that can make great things possible is the first step but continuing to nurture the relationships and enable personal and business growth is equally important.


Where to Focus! Not everything that glistens is gold. Business opportunities abound but a lack of clarity and focus can make us lose time, energy and money chasing every ‘irresistible’ idea. As entrepreneurs, our ability to identify the right business opportunities depends in no small way on our ability to see them through the right ‘filters’ and position them in our sweet-spot. A laser-focus in delivering the opportunities selected will then ensure that you reach your goals.

Mapping your MAP

Management Action Plan. To be a successful entrepreneur having great ideas and identifying the right opportunities is extremely important but converting these into positive and determined action is essential. Sometimes, taking progressive action can be daunting. This module will help you design your path to success, which when aligned with your internal and external resources, will help you achieve your goals with optimum effort.

Your event leader: Simonetta Roma

Simonetta Roma

I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Trainer with many years of coaching success, particularly in business and entrepreneurialism. With a passion for helping people identify and use their unique, innate talents to create and develop businesses, I thrive when my clients prosper.

Walking the talk is an imperative in my life. Having supported many entrepreneurs and evolving businesses, and initiated several of my own brands, I speak not only from my heart, but with real, hands-on experience.

I am also a proud mother and wife and help parents with family management techniques that make a real difference to child development and family harmony.

Blending life and business to make the best of both worlds.

Event Schedule

Saturday 0930-1930 Introduction
M1: Knowing Yourself
M2: Building Relationships
Sunday 0930-1930 M3: WTF!
M4: Mapping your MAP
Conclusion & Activation

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 Download PDF brochure here. See the modules here. See my testimonials here.

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